Industrial Specialty Coatings

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Rutland prides itself in being able to fulfill most of our customer’s needs through our in-depth technology and application expertise that has been cultivated over fifty years of customer focused development. We pride ourselves in affording our customers with the latest scientific developments in our field so that you can continually innovate in your markets to create more value and market share.

A range of specialty products have been developed and a very brief overview is given below:

Healthcare Masks
These products have been designed with materials that have been proven to be safe and for use in medical applications,with exceptional elongation and clarity that our customers seek.

Medical Ear Molds

Healthcare Ear Molds 
These products have been specifically designed to provide ear wax resistance, sound absorption and ease of moldability to provide users with outstanding performance and durability.

Impact Absorption Gels
These products have been developed to produce a wide range of impact absorbing properties to be used in glove and shoe technology, not only have our products been used in the latest glove designs to prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSIs) they have been used in state of the art athletic and medical foot wear.

Photo Luminescent Coatings
These products have been engineered to photo-luminesce in a variety of colors to over 400 mcd/m2 for over 6 hours on any type of substrate, while being fire retardant, flexible and weather resistant. These have been used in a wide variety of applications from security, safety and communications.

Doll Molding Compounds

Doll Molding Compounds
These products have been created to simulate a flesh like feel and look for human mannequins, robots and dolls that are so realistic that it’s hard to believe that they are inanimate. Various colors, textures and skin types are available to enable our customers to have the widest variety of choice and performance that they require.

Crystal Clear Compounds for Glass and Metal
These products have been formulated to afford incredible clarity, adhesion, ease of use and water resistance for glass and metal applications. These have been used in electrical boots, caps, laboratory glass wear and industrial glass wear.

FDA Water Filter Molding Compounds
These products have been fashioned so the end caps produced adhere to the processed most filter media and allow the filters to be FDA approved.

Belting Compounds
These products have been designed to coat belting products to improve wear and tear.

Impact Absorption
Our products have been tailored to meet the high demand needs of absorb impact and provide toughness for various industrial applications

Sound Absorption
These products can be used to coat various substrates to improve the sound absorption characteristics that is highly sought after in many markets today.

We can tailor any product to meet your specific goals and requirements.

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