IMS 3.0 Color Software

Managing Color and Inventory

​IMS 3.0 is a cloud-based solution for managing color and inventory in the textile screen-printing market. Offering tools for color creation and standardizing, IMS manages daily maneuvers in a highly functional ink room by providing color management and communication agility. Color chip images appear with formulations to help with visual communication. The new platform and updated functionality will continue to add functional support and innovation to the concept of total ink room management.

Discover IMS 3.0

Ink Management Software (IMS) has been an essential component in textile ink rooms since the late 1980s, when launched its first PC-based system. The new IMS 3.0 system was developed to better support all color system solutions, which now include automated dispensing, smart scale integration and best-in-class systems designed to meet industry expectations in color accuracy and print performance.

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