Is a PVC and phthalate-free plastisol textile ink base belonging to the EKO series from Rutland. This product is a base that has the ability of blocking or stopping dye migration from the fabric that frequently stains the printed ink layer. This migration effect usually happens on polyester fabrics and/or fiber blends. It has to be printed as a first layer or “primer” and, after a flash drying, EKO LB White is printed over it. To obtain colors, print EKO colors over the layer of EKO LB White.Stops and controls dye migration of the fabric to the print.Excellent wash resistance.


  • Easy to mix and print.
  • Very good supple print with ability to stretch and regain its original shape.
  • Passes all requirements for major brand RSL and government regulations.
  • No PVC, no lead, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no APEO's. Passes major brand durability testing including 5 x 60 wash test.


Print one layer and, then, flash. After that, apply 2 layers of EKO LB White, pre-dry. Finally, apply colors.


The user must accomplish every washing requests, fastness and chemical contents required by customers, brands or companies for whom is printing. For best results on severe migration cases, apply two layers of EKO Barrier Black with flash drying in between. Some dye migration might be present in conditions in which the fabric gets in contact with the printed film or during the washing process only if the dye of the fabric comes off while washing. Avoid contact between the print and the fabric especially when stacking and packing the garments. Due to the different fabrics, fibers and dyeing conditions a 100% of effectiveness is not guaranteed. It is necessary to stir the product before printing.


Rutland Plastic Technologies does not knowingly add plasticizers containing the phthalates listed and outlined in California Bill 1108, CPSIA HR-4040 and Oeko-tex Standard 100. The plasticizers identified may include di-(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP), dibutyl phthalate (DBP), benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP), diisononyl phthalate (DINP), diisodecyl phthalate (DIDP), di-n-octyl phthalate (DnOP), (DIBP) Di-iso-butyl, and (DMP) Dimethylphthalate, including esters of ortho-phthalic acid and are not direct ingredients in the manufacture of Claira High Opacity Non-Phthalate Inks. Rutland Plastic Technologies does not test the final product for amounts of the aforementioned phthalate plasticizers and esters and encourages all users to conduct testing for their intended use.

Disclaimer: Not all Rutland products are available in every country. Please check with your local representative for availability. The data presented in this leaflet are in accordance with the present state of our knowledge, but do not absolve the user from carefully checking all supplies immediately on receipt. We reserve the right to alter product constants within the scope of technical progress or new developments. The recommendations made in this leaflet should be checked by preliminary trials because of conditions during processing over which we have no control. Recommendations for use do not constitute a warranty, either express or implied, of the fitness or suitability of the products for a particular purpose.

Product Overview:

Brand: Rutland
Product Code: RS0944
Industry: Inks
Application: Screen Printing
Category: Specialty Inks
Sub Category: Barrier
Chemistry: EKO
Substrate(s): Poly
Best Used By: 12 months
Certification(s): ISO9001


Fusion Temperature: 320°F
Fusion Time Other: 60 seconds


Printability: Excellent for fast production
After Flash Tack: Low


Profile: Square
Type: Polyurethane
Angle: 10° - 20°
Speed: Medium


Underlay: Black Barrier on 100% Polyester
Emulsion Types: Direct, Non-phthalate compliant


Thinner: RS0002 EKO Viscosity Reducer


Storage Temperature: 65°F - 95°F (18°C - 35°C)
Storage Notes: Store in a cool and dry environment. Keep container tightly closed to prevent from drying and/or contamination.