SILEXTREME MATTE CLEAR is a special effect ink designed to bring a clear matte effect to your silicone printing needs. This translucent ink system can be used to overprint colors for a matte finish that will improve crock resistance, used as a carrier for special effects glitters and particles or can be used for colors formulated with SilExtreme pigments and toners.

Simply add 3-5% SX0515 SILEXTREME CATALYST by weight
of the total ink, thoroughly mix and you are ready to print. Higher loading of catalyst will improve adhesion and flash time but also shorten screen life.

SX0516 SILEXTREME Retarder can be used from 0.5-3.0% in more challenging environments to improve screen life, however too much retarder can reduce adhesion.

SILEXTREME CLEAR bases can be used with any other SilExtreme Silicone Inks to bring a greater variety of effects to your graphic embellishments. The composite print will have a high degree of stretch and durability in the wash process. They exhibit extremely supple hand and drape-ability.

Low cure temperature is another plus for this product series. All SilExtreme inks should be cured at a minimum of 270 degrees F for 1 minute dwell. Higher temperature cure does not negatively affect the silicone product.

SILEXTREME inks are printable on both manual and automatic printing presses. SILEXTREME inks can be ironed without re-melting the ink film, unlike
other types of ink.


  • Flexible ink film with outstanding stretch and resistance to cracking.
  • Very good supple print with great hand and drape-ability.
  • No PVC, no lead, no phthalates, no formaldehyde, no APEO's
  • Passes major brand durability testing including 5 x 60C wash test.


Simply add 3-5% SX0515 SILEXTREME CATALYST by weight of the total ink, thoroughly mix and you are ready to print. Only catalyze enough for up to 1 day of print production as the catalyst creates a pot life. For longer ink working life, SILEXTREME retarder can be used at 0.5-3% to extend the screen open life of the catalyzed inks. For maximum opacity and brilliance of the colors, use print - flash - print method.

For best performance to crock testing, it is recommended to formulate with 5% Catalyst, 0-1% Retarder and print through 160 mesh screen or higher. It is not necessary to build up ink film thickness by printing multiple layers as the slip provided by the Matte Clear Ink will produce passing results in a single layer in most cases.


SILEXTREME inks require 4-6 seconds of flash time when pallets have been preheated and will cure when the ink film reaches 260F, generally seen when passing through oven with a minimum of 60 second dwell time. For maximum stretch-ability, a thicker ink layer must be built up, specifically when printing on high spandex stretch or compression fabrics.

Certain chemicals in dyes and fabric finishes can poison the cure of silicone inks. Sulphur, amines various antimicrobials, and some textile finishes may affect cure and adhesion of silicone inks. Always test prints before running full production to ensure proper cure and effect. Difficult fabrics like 100% Polyester, sublimated (camouflage) polyesters,etc. may require the use of SILEXTREME BLACK BARRIER as a first down base.

Disclaimer: Not all Rutland products are available in every country. Please check with your local representative for availability. The data presented in this leaflet are in accordance with the present state of our knowledge, but do not absolve the user from carefully checking all supplies immediately on receipt. We reserve the right to alter product constants within the scope of technical progress or new developments. The recommendations made in this leaflet should be checked by preliminary trials because of conditions during processing over which we have no control. Recommendations for use do not constitute a warranty, either express or implied, of the fitness or suitability of the products for a particular purpose.

Product Overview:

Brand: Rutland
Product Code: SX0307
Industry: Inks
Application: Screen Printing
Category: Specialty Inks
Sub Category: Overprint
Chemistry: Silicone
Substrate(s): Poly
Best Used By: 12 months


Fusion Temperature: 270°F
Fusion Time: 4-6 seconds seconds


Finish: Matte Finish
Coverage: High Opacity
Printability: Excellent
After Flash Tack: Low


Mesh: 110 to 255
Emulsion Types: Non-phthalate compliant
Cleanup: Press Wash or Ink Degrader


Thinner: SX0514 SXT Viscosity Reducer


Storage Temperature: 65°F - 95°F (18°C - 35°C)
Storage Notes: Avoid direct heat or sun.