Specialty Inks

Our specialty Inks comprise a wide range of bases, barrier products, 4C process, and numerous special effect products.

Plastisol Bases


Rutland offers a wide variety of bases, giving the printer more freedom of choice and helping to minimize inventory. Plastisol Base products can be colored with the Color Booster concentrates.

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Plastisol Special Effects

Special Effects

Rutland has the solution when being just the average printer is not an option. These specialty inks allow any printer (manual or automatic) to offer the customer more than a flat print. Creating great art and amazing prints is only limited to printer and artistic imaginations.

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Non-Phthalate Plastisol Inks

4Color Process

Our well-known 4-Color process inks, comprising the EC NPT product series, are Non-phthalate and provide great color brilliance and printability.

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